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The AlterEurope programme offers a specialisation in the neighbouring states of the European Union and focuses in particular on their place in community policies, but also more widely on their role in globalisation, and international politics.
This masters programme is based on the concept of “otherness”: otherness in terms of relations between the European Union and neighbouring states, and otherness in sense of the programme’s interdisciplinary approach, something that will be an asset for future degree holders.

The AlterEurope programme is designed for four different student profiles, each with a solid education (equivalent to the French Baccalaureate +3) in geography, political science, economics or law, and offers a programme focussing on the neighbouring zones of the European Union, both to the East and to the South, and their relationships with the EU and other international European organisations, all within a solidly multidisciplinary framework.
This programme is designed to complement and strengthen the profile gained from the students’ main discipline, which, far from being lost or diluted, is used and built on throughout the programme, with respect to the career objectives of the student.

At the end of the course, students are experts on the European Union and its neighbours. They understand their specific issues from a geographic, economic, and legal angle, and in a broader institutional and political sense. In addition, they speak at least one of the neighbouring country languages (Arabic, Turkish or Russian).

They also are specifically trained to enter three professional sectors working in, or in connection with, the geographic areas covered:
    1 Research careers
    2 Intelligence gathering/monitoring roles
    3 Project management careers


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For the international students who live in one of the countries concerned by the Campus France agreement, application shall be done through the CEF procedure.
For the foreign students who live in France or who do not live in one of the 37 countries concerned by the Campus France agreement (CEF procedure), the registration shall be done through the e-Candidate application of the UJM. The application session via the Université Jean Monnet takes place from the 15th of April to the 15th of May 2022.