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Teaching staff


Coordinators of the master

  • Antoinette Baujard, UJM, course leader in Economics
  • Pascal Bonnard, UJM, coordinator
  • Emmanuelle Boulineau, ENSL, responsible for ENSL, course leader in Geography and Geopolitics
  • Cécile Robert, Sciences Po Lyon, course leader in Political Science
  • Philippe Soustelle, UJM, course leader in Law


Teaching staff of experienced teacher-researchers and practitioners

The AlterEurope master’s degree programme relies on research laboratories in the Rhône-Alpes region that contribute to the construction of the Lyon-Saint-Étienne metropolitan centre in terms of research.

The programme’s teacher-researchers come from the following Saint-Étienne- and Lyon-based UMRs (joint research units): 

In addition, the master’s programme is linked to the Institut des Mondes Urbains (“Urban Worlds Institute”) Laboratory of Excellence (LABEX)*.

The programme’s teaching staff also comprises practitioners of professions linked to cooperation between the European Union and its neighbouring countries.

Finally, the programme’s instruction relies on:

  • Guest professors and researchers from the European Union and neighbouring regions,
  • Firsthand accounts by practitioners with international experience.



The LabEx (“Laboratory of Excellence”) label has been created as part of the “Investment in the Future” program launched in 2010 by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Entities awarded the LabEx label are recognized as France’s leading laboratories in their respective fields. LabEx applications are drawn up and presented by the Université de Lyon.