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Carrier opportunities

Taking into account the initial field-specific profile that is reinforced during the master’s programme and because it develops expertise regarding all aspects of relations between the European Union and its neighbouring countries, the AlterEurope master’s degree programme prepares students for the following professions:

  • International development consultant for consultancies or public bodies acting as interfaces (such as chambers of commerce and industry in France)
  • International chargé d’affaires or international development project manager for a cluster (such as a competitiveness cluster in France), a regional administration or a large firm
  • Research officer of economics and country risk analysis in the banking and financial sector
  • Legal expert specialized in the EU’s extra-European relations and international trade law, for a law firm, a company’s legal department, a consular body or an organization for the development of trade relations
  • Project manager in environmental risk management for a private or public entity
  • Project manager in sustainable development for the European Union or an international organization in a neighbouring country
  • Developer of cooperative programmes for a European Commission delegation, a service of the European administration (notably the External Action Service) or an international organization
  • Project manager (consultant) for a humanitarian or development NGO in a neighbouring country or region (project auditing and monitoring)